Saturday, August 8, 2009

Uncle Bubba and Aunt Aly's Waterslide Party!!!

A big THANK YOU to Bubba and Aunt Aly for tonights waterslide party. My children LIVE to be in the water. They would sleep in the water if that were at all possible. The only quirky thing I want to apologize for to them is that my children are spoiled. To those of you I need to update...Ross and Aly live in the Sand Hills of NE Colorado. Most of you have visited...They have a well that pumps the water out of the ground. As do I in my house....All country folk have wells. If you know anything about know how much work they are. So I normally spend a good hour putting the slide up...normally (Ross and Aly have helped me the last few times...but I'm explaining why my kids are spoiled.) It is a 60 lb slide with 2 blowers. 2 extention cords. Long hose. Stakes. Oh yeah...the baby is freaked out by grass and you have to carry her the ENTIRE time. Marren doesn't like Aly and Ross' dog so she is screaming at me the entire time from the hood of the suburban. Max is yelling at me to HURRY UP. You get the idea. Chaos. All the while, it is 189 degrees. 60% humidity and 65 dew point. I AM SWEATING. Every now and then I just put the baby down and do 10 things really fast while she's screaming at the tippy top of her little lungs. Then I accomplish the 10 quick things, pick her up, and she INSTANTLY stops crying. I finally get to filling the slide with a little water and ...BIG MOMENT....the kids go down 2 times. They are cold because the well water comoing from 300 feet below ground is ONE degree above freezing... and want to go inside and have hot chocolate. O MY Heavens. I can not handle that. To combat that from EVER happening again...I put hot water from the garage metered with cool water threw the slide. The water then is temperate and they love it. We spend nearly 3 or 4 hours in it then. The baby loves the little pool part and loves to watch the big kids go up an down a hundred times....Oh yeah, that's the rule...Max has to go up and down 100 times. He counts as far as he can pay attention and Marren chimes in with her own numbers from time to time.

Needless to say, now Ross thinks my kids are spoiled. Oh well. He'll have kiddy rats someday and I'll remind him ...nicely...about the hot water. Jeremy gave me crap only ONCE about how wimpy the kids were. I nearly took his little head right off his shoulders.

Mylee is a true sweet pea. She is developing quite a personality. She knows now that if she squeals...I'm come running. So when Marren even gets close to taking her toy away, Mylee lets out this adorable...piercing pig squeal. Like if a baby pig is being dangled by his tail type of a scream (don't ask me how I know what that sounds like!!!). She is quite proud of her noise and I try to scold her for making it.

Max is growing!!! He is eating. Sleeping all the time and talking NON STOP. His new thing is if I can't answer one of his million questions he wants to "google" it. Oh my. How did that happen. He is already a regular YOU TUBER. Granted...I keep him in the toy dinosaur and T _REX cafe section, but he is quite good with a mouse and the Red X. Jeremy had some other programs running and let him YOU TUBE for just a second. Jeremy came back not a few moments later and all of his programs were closed. Not saved. Over. Nice...Your 5 year old is out computing you. Marren is not far behind.

Marren is turning into a little diva. No one can tell her what to do. Help her. Look at her when she's not ready. Interesting. Jeremy is finding this extremely frustrating. I think it's good for him. He doesn't know how to bridle this spirit. He's in the process of reading acouple of Dr. Dobson's suggestions about a spirited child. We want to bridle it...not extinguish it. On a happy note...potty training is going better. I followed my sister in laws advice to have Marren clean herself up after an accident. Marren was APPAULED that I would suggest that and decided to not let it happen again. Now HAS accidently happened a few times...but it's much better. She calls her undergarments..."UNDERWEARS".... "PACK PACK" for backpack. "MI EE" for Mylee. I need to remember more... I should correct her...I know. But they are so cute.

All is all...Our lives are so full of the Lord's Blessings. Wonderful rains this week brought much needed moisture to our grass and dryland corn. Preschool starts in a couple weeks and I'm not ready for that. We have several activities to accomplish yet in the next few weeks. The Chase County Fair is next week and JJ and Gabby White will be here for that. That will be fun to watch the boys together. God is so good to me. I remember to thank Him every moment I can.

Love to you all


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