Thursday, July 9, 2009

Story Time...

I was just reading and article in my REAL SIMPLE magazine. It is one of the few magazines I allow myself to enjoy. Normally, the articles I read are about to make my day smoother... efficiency... recipes... time management... you get the idea. The Lord intervined tonight. I don't like to read the "What makes you feel beautiful" articles. They are normally full of fluff fashion tips and make-up techniques that I could care LESS about. I do care that I look presentable...but fashion is not a priority at all....And I suppose that shows. Back on track... The article that I paused for a second to read is entitled: Spending time with my Kathryn Harrison. It kept me interested because she is mother of 3. Her oldest is a boy...second is a "sassy" little sister, and a baby in the Snugli dangling from her chest. She continued to captivate me by making fun of her nursing bra... her hair hadn't been highlighted in months... her extra baby weight... and her lack of sleep...and her lack of a shower. By this point, I am seriously interested. This woman has something to say and I am going to read every word. She had my attention!!!

She goes on to tell me that it has taken her 3 children to realize how beautiful she is. Not because she is a mother... But solely because how beautiful her children are!! She is walking down a sidewalk with all three children -hand in hand- and she says " I feel as if I were wearing a dress encursted with precious stones, reflecting the sun's light." You can be a great and trusted friend...a dedicated volunteer...a good Sunday School teacher....but each of those things are gratifying, but NONE of them make her feel beautiful. I COULDN'T SAY IT BETTER! From this moment on, I never feel more beautiful than when I am with my children.

My children make me feel beautiful..even with all my -challenges-!! We all have our insecruities and they arise in a crowded room... But at home... taking care of them... I am indestructably ...irrasistably beautiful...even if only to my children and hubby...but they are all that matter in that moment. The Lord knew I needed to read that.

What is going on with those beautiful children of mine?? I have several funny stories.

First: Maxwell: Setting: Blisties (resturant)

Maxwell Thomas is obsessed with water. Water slides. Water parks. He has always wanted to have our own "water park". He has asked every relative he has...several times...for them to build him or make him a water park. At dinner the other night. He sighs a loud Maxwell sigh. Shakes his head. Looks right at Jeremy and says " Dad, it's time to build a water park. I'm ready." Jeremy replies: " Son, water parks take a lot of money to build and we don't have enough to build an entire water park." Maxwell replies: " That's okay dad. Let's just go find all the people we know with wallets and take their money out of it!" Seriously, he's 5 and he already is looking for investors!!!!

Marren: Setting: Home

Last night Marren had an epically bad potty accident. I'm used to it. Deal with it... clean it up... and move on. Only problem...Marren is almost 3 and could care less about these accidents. I asked her why she had this accident and she told me..." Oh well mom. Guess I shouldn't go to preschool. Now clean this up!!" I'm not sure she cares...What do you think?

Mylee: Setting: Kitchen.

Mylee has been pretty fussy lately. I'm not sure if it's growing pains, teeth, attachment problems. We're not sleeping well and not eating the best either. The only thing she would eat of her lunch that day was her cookies. After 3 I told her "no no. You've had enough!" She howled and I gave in. After lunch I picked her up and was trying to clean up while holding her. I picked up one of the cookies and started to put it in my mouth. NO JOKE...she shook - excitedly-back and forth- her little 10 month old head and told me "NO NO". I thought I was having an 'out of body' experience. Who else is going to tell me what to do????!!!

Love to you all.



  1. If it makes you feel any better at all, Marren could be Josie potty training. She was 3.5 by the time she got it, but before that she didn't care. Finally at 5 we're there (don't tell Max, she's just die of embarrassment!). It's been a long road. Potty training is hell.

  2. maybe marren needs to try her hand at cleaning up potty accidents? not that she'd do a great job at it & you'd still have to clean up after her, but she might get the message that it's HER mess, not yours.