Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My surgery days are OVER!!!

I am tired of having operations. 8 to date. DONE with them. I want to go 20 years before I need another one. DONE. Tubes are officially tied. The tubes didn't hurt a bit. I have 3 more holes in my body with staples holding them together. Max thinks I have piercings now...for crying out loud. "Why do you have jewerlry on your tummy mom?" ug. Those don't hurt one bit! Want to know what hurts????? They have to blow oxygen into your body cavity so they can navigate around in there. When all finished...they try to get all the air out...but they leave a great deal in the cavity...MY CAVITY. And now the only way for that air to get out is to be absorbed by my cells. That process HURTS. I can't lay down. I can't lean back in a recliner. I can't ride in a car. Most movement or non movement HURTS. Feels like meat hooks being jammed into my shoulders. Graphic...I know. Sorry. Descriptive!!

Enough about me. Kiddos. They are fantastic. Our new yard is kind of a dirt zone. Max and Marren make evening rounds at different spots in our yard. Big dirt pile is zone or stage one. Both children get COVERED in dirt here. They sit in it. They smush it in their hair. Stage two: soft sand behind house. This is where shoes come off and pockets are filled with beautifully white blow sand. Stage three: faucet. Okay. Now they THINK they need to clean their feet off...but a little water and a lot of dirt create a mud hole. Little feet and little hands love mud!!! This is where most of the already filthy dirty clothing comes off. Max normally splashes Marren first and then Marren gets mad and stomps at Max. Naked... What do y ou suppose they do immidiately after they take off their clothes? Option one: go to the bathroom or Option two: smash mud into places mud SHOULD NOT GO.

That is normally where I stop it. They get put in the sink in the garage...Washed with strong hand soap. And hauled into the bathtub to have hinden dirt removed by wash cloth.

Mylee screaming through entire process because she is not in the bathtub with the dirt monsters and I can't hold, wash, scrub, excavate, and comfort all at the same time. Just as I get everyone RE dressed. Mylee entertained and dinner almost ready....IN WALKS JEREMY. He wants to know why dinner isn't ready and the house is a mess.

I colapse on the ground.

All kidding aside. Jeremy has been pretty awesome through this surgery. I couldn't have done it without him.

Love to you all.


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