Sunday, October 11, 2009

A long lost update!!!!

Dear Friends and Family!!!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....We are still here!!! I can't believe how busy we are. Marren started preschool on Monday...She was SO excited. We only have her going 2 days a week because she is still so young. I took her Monday morning...she just took off...found her name tag and waved 'Good-bye' she had been going to preschool for years. I was the only one with a tear. That's how I want it ...of course. She's always been like that though...Ready for the next step before she should be ready.

And on top of it all... Winter has arrived and we have picked 1/2 of ONE dryland field.'s going to be a long harvest. Spirits are marginal. It keeps raining and the crop doesn't have a chance to DRY down. We need to pick it at 17 or 18 percent moisture...Right now, it is sitting at/around 25. The problem with that is the stalk that holds the ear up so the combine can get it is decaying and dying too quickly with the cold/wet temps and the ear isn't drying down. Therefore, in danger of ending up on the ground and NOT in the combine. The Lord has a plan for us all...and I am pushing on that plan!!! Just ready to have 2009 in the books and off the minds of the men in my life.

Maxwell is a busy preschooler. He, just recently, was convinced that his real name is actually Maxwell. Funny...I know. He was convinced that 'Max' was it and Maxwell was too much work to write and too long. Thanks to Marcia (his teacher) for helping me with that issue. Amazing how stubborn or REALLY stubborn he is. I wanted to put this 'issue' in words so later in life...I'll be able to 'remind' him of his little fits about his name. I truely believe it's because he would have to learn to write more letters...Heaven forbid!! He reminds me of his father more and more everyday. little peach...HATES to sleep. Loves to eat. Loves to follow the big kids around. Just recently, their new game includes running threw the house...SCREAMING...Chasing each other. No big deal if you get caught...Just the running and screaming is the game. Slightly maddening for me...The baby holds her own trotting right along with M1 and M2. She hasn't been damaged/injured too badly yet. Mylee is also into Marren's dress up shoes now. She works and works and WORKS at getting these high heeled pink/sparkley shoes on. Stands up. Falls down. Slips. Gets them back on only to have Marren run up and swipe them. I found another pair in Marren's I have hopefully eliminated that sad picture. Adorable is how I describe M3 with those shoes on. I'll get a picture here soon. Aunt Penny...we need to buy baby Frances some dress up shoes....they start early with those darn things!!!

Jeremy is traveling ALOT lately. He promises this week is his last MIA week. The days get long and a bit crazy. The kids play in the basement all night though and even Mylee is spending more and more time down there. I hear crashes and blood curtiling screams quite often...but I haven't had any actual blood yet, so I'll continue to push my luck.

Other than that...I am reeaaaalllllyy discusted with how sick the entire world is right now. The H1N1 vaccine ...being completely controlled by the US Government is just now getting out to clinics...AFTER most of the population has already suffered from this crap. Knock on wood...we haven't gotten it yet. I pray for the dozens of my friends that currently have it. Just fed up with the system that controls and supposedly protects us. I stood in line in Wray for 1/2 hour yesterday trying to get Mylee and Max a shot...Only to find out my BABY and my son...with a paralyzed diaphragm didn't qualify for the shot. I understand the priority level...I just don't understand why more isn't ready for us all that want and need it NOW.

Miss you all and I'd love to hear from you Floridians!!!!

God's Blessings to you All.

Love Brooke

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