Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December to Remember

Where is the time going? Why are we so busy? My children are only 5,3, and 1....What's it going to be like when they are teenagers....all at the same time? Ugh.

I have a entirely new love of Christmas. As a child, I LOVED Christmas...all of it. The baking, shopping, gifting, wrapping, the cold, programs, lights, the sounds, Santa, The Christmas Story...All magically memorable.

Flashforward to today...Christmas through the eyes of my children is 100x's better. Yes, they love the Santa idea....but they LOVE the Christmas Story. We read it nearly every night before bed. They ask so many great questions and really are impressed the Baby was born in a barn. Max was sure the hay was itchy. Marren thought the Baby would be entertained by the sheep (not her exact words...but you get the idea). A different night Max asked about the star and how did they know how to follow it. How far did they walk? Did they have a car...etc etc. The star story, however, was a great introduction to a faith conversation for us. The simple faith of a child is so beautiful. They just have so much faith in everything and they trust...everything. That's what makes this Christmas season with my children so magical. It's not the tree...It's their eyes that light up with the twinkle. It's not the baking of or the taste of the food...It's their chocolate covered lips and fingers and teeth. It's not the story...it's the faith in the story. I can't wait to watch them experience Christmas.

Recently, we have been really pretty sick. Mylee has never had a cold, fever, cough or sniffle before 2 weeks ago. What ever she caught was nasty. Started loose stools and no appetite. Constant fever followed closely with the nastiest, greenest snot I have ever seen. Bloody noses. Rashes. Coughing. NO sleep. Constant whining. And NO sleep. I felt terrible for her. Then Marren caught it and I was a close third. Max kind of had a runny nose... but nothing else. We survived. That's all I have to say about that.

Marren is full of funny commentary these days. I popped around the corner one afternoon and found her coloring on the walls. I asked her if she wanted a spanking or a 10 minute time out. She thought long and hard and through her tears...decided she wanted a spanking. Which surprised me. I said "ok, come here". She just stood there..thinking. She finally said" Mommy. I want two small spankings...not one big one". That broke my heart. I gave her a small swat and made her wipe the walls off. Of course, I had to paint an entire portion of the wall...but it was worth it to see her little mind work and negociate a different resolution.

Marren is SO SO SO SO independent. She dresses herself everyday...several times. She washes herself. She washes her own hands. She wants to get in the car herself. Hates when I help her with anything. I appreciate and hate that. She is so much help getting out the door in the mornings for school...but at the same time...she is growing up faster than Maxwell by two fold. I am so proud of her and I see great, magical things in store for my little bear.

Till tomorrow night...

Love to you all


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