Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Month to Remember...I hope

I am in the market to buy, steal, kidnap, blackmail...a Sleeping Fairy. I have had 3 children. I have been very strict about bedtime routines from the get-go. Since Jeremy has been working for Pioneer...since the day we were married...evenings are the only time he and I get to talk for pretty much the entire day. Phone calls are brief and often interrupted by Pioneer business (as it should). I don't mind because we normally speak in the evenings. As children were added to the equation, evening discussions were limited to a few short phrases. Important...albeit brief. Therefore, the reason I have always wanted my children to sleep in their own beds. Do I mind them joining us in the weee hours of the AM. No. Love that. I am digressing...sorry

MYLEE DOES NOT SLEEP. She hates to sleep. She doesn't apparently need to sleep. She doesn't nap. She hates to fall asleep. She hates her crib. She hates her nightlight. She hates to be alone. She hates her blanket, babies, bottles...Ocean noise maker that both Marren and Maxwell LOVED. Hates it. Screams when you turn it on.

So where does that leave me? I am often having conversations with people on the phone or in person when I ...kind off I'm so tired. I forget what questions they are asking me. I change the subject really abruptly. I start to tell a story and forget why I'm telling it and why it is relevant to anything or anyone. It's very frustrating. I don't know why people talk to me. Confusing I'm sure. I made a cake for some friends of ours the other day. Our nice friend thanked me for it on Sunday. I ...all of a sudden....discovered I was talking about cooking the cake too long...and you shouldn't cook cakes too long...and I'm sorry his was probably dry....and I probably should have made them another one.... Uh oh. I've done it again. After I realized it was happening again...I just froze my mouth and turned and walked away. He probably thought I was spaazing out!!! This is his formal apology!!! I'm sorry Troy!!!

Lack of sleep isn't good for me. I used to complain when I didn't get 8 hours of sleep. Last night...I got to sleep until 11:04 pm. Mylee joined us in bed until Jeremy kicked us both out at 1:45 AM. We went to the couch and fought over a 3ft x 5 ft couch. She won. I find myself ...sometimes....asleep sitting up wherever I am posted. I wake up and move without remembering where I am going. I'm sure this isn't good I'm driving my children around.

I am very careful and have given up speeding and cellphone use while I'm in the car. Unless of course, it's Jeremy calling. I answer it...cuz it's the only time we get to talk. Ha.

Love to you all.


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