Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Kindergarten is AWESOME!!"

Max's new desk in his new room.  KB
Miss Lingbloom is his teacher!!
His sister's aren't quite sure what was about to happen
All day they looked for him... Mylee thought he took a nap
all day!!
My little man is so grown up.  He was so ready to go...
He wouldn't let me take him to school.
He wanted to ride the bus....and I let him...somehow.

I must have asked him a 100 times... "Are you sure you want to ride the bus?"  "Yes mom... that will be the best part!!"  Oh my, I was SO dreading last Thursday.  I had a couple severe breakdowns and I couldn't do anything about them.  It's like I was someone else for several days. 

Max LOVES school.  He brings home tons of great worksheets he can't wait to show both Jeremy and I.  He loves Jolly Phonics and he wants to read.  Who is this kid? 

We ended last week with a bang... I hauled our new waterslide out perhaps for the last time this summer.  It might get warm enough for another fun afternoon... but you never know.  We had a blast watching the kids!!

It looks bad...but they went down together 100x's. 
She LOVED it.
He taught her how to climb the ladder and then they go down in a pile...
giggling the entire way!!

I can't wait to show them these pictures someday.... when they are my age. 

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