Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some pictures of Mylee @ 6 months. We had fun!!

Well...the day has come. I'm getting my tubes tied tomorrow. Say a prayer...maybe two during the day tomorrow. I'm not too excited, but not too worried either. I've had 3 c-sections. This should be a walk in the park. Maybe a chance to take a nap...all day. My mom and dear sister in law are taking care of the gaggle tomorrow. And sweet JTD is spending the day with me. He is bringing his fully syncronized computer and is planning to steal hospital wireless. The kids haven't a clue. Hopefully, I'll be home by 3 or 4 and they'll never notice I'm gone. The only thing bugging about the surgery is...that something "unique" always pops up when I have something like this done. Depends on how long or well you know me...but DUPLICITY is a sensitive word for me. If you don't know what I'm talking about...guess. Ha. If you know this is funny. What else could i have two of????? By tomorrow we may know. I warned the doctor. He's looking forward to the "discovery".
The kids are doing great. Maxwell will be in his 5th week of swim lessons. He LOVES the water. He is now able to be in 5 feet of water and pretty much...knows what to do. BOB. Go to the bottom...push off...get a breath...go to the bottom...You get the idea. Pretty cool. Marren would NOT get in the pool with the instructor the first 2 days. Terrified would be how I described her. Not sure why. She loved the water when I was there with her or dad or our nanny. The third day...learily...she decided mom was going to be persistant and she gave in. The teacher is awesome with her. Very careful. I hope this week goes better. On the potty training note...She is convinced now that if she poops outside she can go to preschool. Now she wants to drop what she is doing and run outside to "go". Where did this come from??? She pees great...inside. Poop...still working on.
Mylee needs her own paragraph. What that girl isn't into I'm not sure. She is walking. 9 months old and walking. I put shoes on her today and that poised a new challange for her. Walking with shoes on. Interesting. Her words to date: Uh oh. Momma. Dadada. Wa her (water). Paboo (peakaboo). AA-done (all done). She is my earliest talker. Smiles all around, but selective who she gives waves too. She LOVES to watch Max and Marren run around. She is completely entertained by M and M.
What a blessing my life is. God is great.
Love to you all out there.

ps's 11:15. I have 45 minutes until I'm supposed to stop eating and drinking. Not too happy about that either. I will eat something at midnight to just be a pain. Apple pie!!

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  1. I love this blog!!! This is so cool that I can sit at work and check for any updates on you and the kiddos! Hope you are feeling better today and the kids are behaving for you. They were great yesterday, I spent most of the time with Max and Marren. She really wanted to poop when we were outside and I kinda panicked...but her attention span was so short that five minutes later it was forgotten. Whenever Marren gets in one of her stubborn moods, Max will just stare at me like, "hhmmm...I wonder what Aly's going to do to get out of this one" :)
    Great pics, talk to you soon.